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Reason # 3764382364895 Why Buffy/Oz OWNS : He makes her look tall <3.

Dont turn around. Dont look back. Dont say things.

She had been covered in a citrus scent that clung to his skin as if it had sunken into him with the rest of her.

He felt something in his pocket. A barette. Pink and girly and very much hers. He contemplated giving it back.

But that would be breaking the rules. Dont turn around. Dont look back. Dont say things.

He rested his head on the steering wheel and took deep breaths. This was harder than he had anticipated.

And then he heard a light tap on the window. He knew it was her. Who else could it be?

She climbed into the passenger seat and looked straight ahead at the open road.

Placing a hand on his, she leaned over and kissed him tenderly on the lips. He kissed back.

He wasnt breaking the rules.

Okay. Give me a break. Ive never written Buffy/Oz before. But I got all inspired. Or something <333.
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