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Something Irrelevent

I dunno. I just got all idea-y in English. Plus, I told geekette that I'd write something Buffy/Oz during school. SO. XD

Who: Buffy/Oz
When: After 'New Moon Rising'
What: Awww, it's goodbye!
Rating: G. <3

"So... you're leaving. ...A-Again?"

"Yeah. I have to. It's a thing."

She nodded, chewing at the inside of her cheek desperately. "Where... uhm, y'know, where will you go? I mean, do you really have--"

"It's a now-and-not-here thing."

"...Oh. That kinda thing."

"You've been there."

"On the other side, but--"

"Still the same." He smiled, his fingers drumming, splayed on the door frame.

Tucking back her hair, she stepped nearer to the threshold. Boyfriend and best friend momentarily forgotten - like those few, unmentionable times before. They weren't in love. They never were. But the connection they did share before was something. Just what, neither had really come to a conclusion about. But it was there, silent and dormant while the other was away, but when they were together, it throbbed and burned like a scar between the two. The kind of thing you prize and cherish in the quiet, when there isn't anything else. The thing you don't share with anyone else.

"It was nice to see you again."

Her attempt at small talk was endearing. He knew she was trying to make him stay just that much longer. She'd always favored his company - she'd just as well as told him so.

Her gentle pat against his fingers sent a chill rippling down his spine. Did she do that to everyone, or was that just the wolf inside him?

"You too, Buff."

The painful silence that settles just before. Neither had been much for conversation, either. The simple company of one another was pleasant enough.

"So, you should call me, this time. Write? Don't leave us all hanging again?" She was sheepish in the lines she delivered, trying to lighten the meaning she hid underneath them. The pain in the falter of her grin and the message in her downcast gaze.

"You got it."

He left slowly, a gradual turn of his back to her. He wasn't ever good at those 'see you later's. They were awkward and tasted like lies.

His retreating form disappeared down the hall in moments, and she shut the dormitory door quietly. She leaned against it, her breath caught in her throat as she allowed the back of her skull to connect softly and for a second, third time against it. It was harder, now. She never had to say it before.

"'Bye, Oz."
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