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Lycanthropy Relations - Chapter Two

Title: Lycanthropy Relations
Part: 2/10ish
Author: Tygerlily
Email: Angelusblood@yahoo.com
Summary: Buffy and Oz are now in the beginnings of a relationship, so while they try to figure out how a wolf and a slayer can be together, a certain witch still wants her wolf back but when she doesn’t get him she gets thirsty for… revenge…
Pairing: Buffy/Oz… there maybe others…
Rating: Let’s say Hard R just to be safe
Spoilers: Lover’s Walk and my fiction ‘More than Just Friends’ it might help if you read that story first
Disclaimer: Okay if they were mine Oz would have soooo shown up for the very last apocalyptic battle.
Feedback: It’s like comfort food, almost better than chocolate. I need to know what you people think!
Distribution: All the usual suspects, if you want just ask and my answer will be YES
Author Note: Alright in this particular fiction I will be using a few different songs by a few different artists so again to say that I am broke and I don’t own a damn thing.
I also should mention that there isn’t any of that Faith and ascension crap going on.
Author Note II: In this chapter I introduce the band and since I’m 99% sure the only band member we met on the show was Devon. I’ve taken the liberty of creating a drummer and a bass guitarist…

Warning: This is a warning people, I have serious Willow issues and this is the fiction in which I intend to work a lot of them out. So you now have been warned if you are pro Willow this might not be the story for you. Possible Character Deaths is another reader beware!

**Flashback** //Songs// Text Messages ‘Thoughts’

Link above for those that need the fic in its entirety
Link above my Buffy/Oz fictions in general

This chapter is dedicated to Meri Lee, cuz your review had me smiling all throughout and I can’t tell you how happy I am to find someone else with similar Willow issues like me!

Part Two – Real Deal

Walking listlessly back downstairs his footsteps growing heavier with each step until he finally reached the bottom and was greeted with a slightly nervous Devon and a still teary-eyed Willow. Oz’s eyes locked with Devon’s and with a nod of understanding the lead singer headed back into the common area while Oz dragged the red head back into the kitchen.

“Look Wills, I know you want us to be friends again. I’d really like that too but you have to understand something if we’re ever going to get back to being friends…” he trailed off searching her face for understanding.

“Okay… and that is?” she asked slowly

“That I’m with Buffy now and that is not going to change. She is my girlfriend now and I’m faithful to her. I’m with her Willow, not you, not anymore” he said slowly and softly but his voice and eyes were firm. “Do you understand?”

“Yes” she bit out stepping away from him as if being near him alone was vile

“I want us to be friends again Willow. I know things can never go back but I’d like us to go forward. And I’d like for you to have your best friend again. I know on a lot of levels you miss having Buffy around. She was… is a good friend to have. I don’t want you giving that up because of this…” he trailed off looking at her expression guarded but the hope was clear.

Willow bit her lips softly and her eyes dropped to examine the floor as her thoughts were running a mile a minute. She was tired of being an outsider looking in; the closeness that Buffy possessed with his band mates and even the wolf himself filled the witch with envy. It was then she knew she’d have to first be back on the inside in order to get anywhere with Oz again and so with that she raised her eyes to his and smiled.

“I understand and I won’t… interfere like that anymore. Just a girl had to try you know but I get it. I do. You’re with Buffy” she said with a sigh though a smile soon graced her features knowing that she had to be as believable as possible.

Oz smiled softly and nodded and then showed her to the door a few more pleasantries were exchanged before he was able to shut the door on the witch and he then turned and leaned heavily against it. He knew instantly there was something off about the way Willow readily agreed to stop hounding him but he was hoping it would at least give him a moment a breathing room. Sighing heavily he pushed away from the door and trudged into the common area and flopped down onto one of the sofas there. Devon suddenly flopped down next to him and looked at him expectantly, it was then he noticed that all of his band mate’s eyes were on him.

“Okay shoot” he said simply

“What’s the deal with this Willow chick comin’ round again? I thought you guys were done after she dogged you by kissing that Xander guy?” asked Jeremy

Jeremy was the bass player and he stood about 5’11 with shaggy shouldergth gth brown hair with blue streaks and some blue eyes to match. He was a year older then Oz making him twenty and soon to be a sophomore at UC.

“Yea man, seriously; I thought you cut that when you found out she burnt you. I mean she’s cute and all but she’s not that cute… and what about Buffy?” asked Jake who played the drums. He was probably about the same height as Oz and possessed the same spikes in his dark hair to match his equally dark eyes.

“I hate to say this but I gotta agree with these two. What is Willow’s game? And on top of that what’s going on with you and Buffy? I mean you guys seem to be really happy… don’t let your ex fuck this up Oz” Devon stated seriously

Sighing heavily he nodded his head in agreement with all of their statements and assessments with the situation but they also did pose very valid and important questions. What ‘was’ Willow’s deal and what game ‘was’ she playing at?

“I know what you guys are saying and Buffy and I are happy. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way about a girl before… not even when I was with Willow. I mean she makes me feel as if I can do anything—“

“Then why are you risking that by playing around and placating Willow? Don’t think we didn’t see Buffy storm out of here earlier.” Said Jake

“Yea, she didn’t look too happy but I don’t think her anger was directed at you…In fact I kinda think Buffy left because… well she didn’t want to intrude on your conversation with Willow. Buffy’s a smart girl, she already knows tensions are high; I guess she didn’t want to add any fuel to the fire” suggested Devon

“Wow… that was really insightful Devon” said Oz

“Eh, I have my moments… anyone know where I put the gummy bears?”

At the slight tension in the room broke and the laughter that followed lightened the mood considerably but Devon was the only one who wasn’t amused. He then left in a huff heading in the direction of the kitchen mumbling something about really wanting some gummy bears. Jeremy then elected himself the one to check on Devon and with that he trotted out of the room leaving Jake and Oz to their own devices.

“So, what’s the real deal with Willow?” Jake asked softly

Oz could do nothing but sigh softly; Jake probably was the one he went to most when he wanted to talk about Willow or he had a problem with Willow. At the time Jake was the only one back then who was in a steady relationship and there was no way in hell he was going to Devon for relationship advice. As time went on they began to not just talk about the band and Willow and slowly but surely Jake became what one wouonsionsider his best guy friend.

“She wants me back” he finally said in a very soft voice almost as if afraid

“Well, you kinda figured on that. From what I remember you telling me Willow was the type of girl to want whatever it was she couldn’t have. It’s not meant to be mean… but it’s true. Isn’t it?”

“Not entirely, I mean there is some truth to it… now more than ever but that’s not all she’s about. I… I still care for her but I don’t want to go back, I can’t go back. Let alone the fact that I’m with Buffy, who just—“

“Makes your world a better place to be” suggested Jake

“Better? No she… god… I can’t even describe the feeling of being with someone like Buffy. She makes everything… brighter. Like things that seemed so inane and not important like just hanging one night and doing and talking about nothing. She makes it out to be like it’s the best thing in the world. I love that… I love…” he trailed off realizing where his words were taking him and it was something he’d never said before.

Jake couldn’t help but smile at his friends’ pause. It was obvious to everyone except for the couple themselves that they were in love. He was pretty sure that they’d never said it to each other either and this just confirmed it.

“… You love her…” he suggested softly

“I… do I? I… yea, yea… I love her” he said, a silly smile lighting up his face

“It’s about time you figured that out. We know you guys go at it like bunnies and might I add that you are an animal my friend… but we were waiting for the ‘I love yous’ to come. And since you figured it out today I win the bet” he finished with a smirk

“Wait a second how do you know we…” Oz asked his brow arched

“Thin walls”

“Ah… and the ‘I love yous’? He asked

“Well… we all sorta had this bet going on how long it would take you realize that you loved the girl. Devon though he’d never admit it is a hopeless romantic and said basically that you’d be spouting sonnets but the end of the second week. Jeremy figured at least 6 weeks I figured it’d be a bit longer because of the Willow drama. Though I did have an unfair advantage I still did pick month 3… thus I win!”

“You know I don’t know how good I feel about you guys betting on my love life…”

“You should feel great about it I know I do… hey guys! I win!”

And with that Jake bounded off the couch and into the kitchen to collect his winnings. Oz just shook his head and headed back up the stairs to wait for his girlfriend to return from whatever hunt she was on.

+ + + + +

It was ten minutes to noon when the Slayer returned; she crept into the house and carefully shut the door behind her. The little blonde couldn’t help the sigh of relief to escape her when she saw the red light on and the door closed that led down into the basement. That could only mean one thing that the band was practicing and they weren’t to be disturbed. Trudging up the stairs to the bedrooms she retrieved her key from the confines of her pocket and slipped it into the lock and let herself into what has slowly but surely become hers and Oz’s bedroom.

As she crossed the room she left a trail of clothes behind her. First she kicked off her boots and socks near the door and dropped the small axe right next to them. She then pulled her hair from the elastic she used to secure it earlier while going at it with a few vamps in the Dale’s downtown sewers. The tank top she was wearing was ripped beyond repair and was clinging desperately to her shoulders by one thin strap. Finally reaching the bathroom she unbuttoned her jeans and let the material slip down over her hips and thighs just before pooling around her ankles. Kicking them off to the side she couldn’t help the slight shiver as the cool linoleum floor caressed the bottoms of her feet.

Clad only in a pair of panties Buffy headed over to the shower and turned it on just before playing with the knobs to adjust the water temperature. When it was hot enough and a nice relaxing steam began to fill the room the panties then slipped to the floor and she stepped into the shower. The hot spray pelted her chest and belly before stepping under it completely, wetting her hair in the process. Suddenly a cool blast of air hit her back but as soon as it was there it was gone and was replaced by two strong arms wrapping themselves around her middle.

“I thought you guys were rehearsing” she murmured as she reached for some vanilla bath gel, she then turned in his embrace and began to gently run her hands along the expanse of his neck and shoulders.

“We were but the second I stopped playing and stared at the door the guys knew you were back. They figured we could take a break for a little while. We’re already more than ready for our gig tonight” he explained all the while his eyes were fixed on her

Then for a few moments all that could be heard was the gentle spray of the water coming from the shower as it hit wet skin and tile just before running down into the drain.

“I’m not upset with you… you know that right?” she asked softly

“… Are you sure? I know the way I was dealing with Willow was—“

“I’ve told you already I’m not upset with you. Willow is an entirely different story”

In response Oz just pressed a soft kiss to her forehead and went about washing the dirt and grime that covered both of them. It wasn’t long before both were clean and they both stepped from the shower stall. Oz then reached over and grabbed two fluffy towels and went about drying off his companion first before attending to himself. Silently they made their way back out into the bedroom and both settled themselves down in the small seating area near the windows in the room.

The wolf then let his body sink down into the softness of the chaise lounger and then pulled his girlfriend down next to him. Buffy then reached behind them to drape the throw across their naked bodies. Sighing softly Buffy couldn’t help the pleasant feeling that hadled led her as they lay there in the early afternoon.

“I spoke to Willow, I know you don’t like her hanging around or at least you don’t like the way she is around us… me especially. She seemed to understand where I was coming from… where we’re coming from but I don’t know if she truly took any of it to heart. She also seemed different… I dunno… but whatever it was, it wasn’t different good… but it wasn’t bad either…” he trailed off lost in the memory of Willow’s visit to the house earlier

“You think Willow might’ve worked some magicks into this?” she asked softly

“No… at least I don’t think so. She didn’t smell any different” he said reasonable

Buffy turned her head upwards from its place on his chest and shot him a questioning glance, she then shrugged and then settled back down on to his chest her fingers running along his arm aimlessly.

“You still know her scent?” she asked timidly

Oz noticed the sudden change in demeanor; he also couldn’t help but notice the way her scent changed. Just a moment ago it was what one would consider happy and content and then the next it was filled with fear and just a bit of hesitation. He tightened his arms around her lithe frame and bent to press a chaste kiss to the shell of her ear just before nipping it gently.

“What’s the matter Buffy?” he asked softly

Her shoulders tensed when she felt him nip her ear and then ask her what was wrong. It was established that when he did that followed by a question that he meant business and he wasn’t going to just let this one go like he did most things. Though a girl still had to try… right? So she just shrugged her shoulders and curled her body into his all the more.

A low growl escaped his throat at her reaction to his question which surprised them both but Oz recovered first and pulled back while pulling her up his body brining her to be eye level with him. Buffy’s eyes widened when she saw the fierce fire that filled her companions’ eyes. Shen sin sighed knowing that there was no way she was getting out of telling him.

“It’s just… you still know her scent. It’s disconcerting” she murmured suddenly finding a stray thread in the throw that covered them both very interesting.

Oz’s gaze instantly softened and he tipped her chin back up eet eet his eyes.

“Baby everyone around me has a certain scent… and people I come into contact with the most, well I know it’s them as soon as I smell them. I was with Willow for awhile but I also know the way Xander, Giles, Cordelia and even the way Angel smells without even having to think about it. Let alone the colognes, aftershaves and whatever fragrances any person wears each person has their own individual scent that’s uniquely theirs. But you… you’re different. When I catch your scent it makes me smile knowing that you’re near… that you’re mine because when I smell you… I smell me also. You’re covered in me… just as I am with you” he finished with a chuckle

Buffy couldn’t help but smile at this as she climbed up his body and settled herself in his lap straddling his hips. The throw had long ago slipped to the floor leaving the pair completely naked. The Slayer smiled brightly down at the man underneath her and she couldn’t help but laugh silently to herself as she realized that she was spending a lazy day with her boyfriend… the moment was a little surreal even for her.

“What are you smiling about?” he asked softly pulling her from her musings while kneading the soft yet toned flesh of her thighs.

“I dunno… you, me, this… us!” she finished with a giggle

Smiling in response he reared up and captured her lips in a bruising kiss. He tugged her down against him just before flipping their positions. When air became an issue he pulled back from her lips only to run a hot trail of open mouthed kisses down the column of her throat to just above the swell of her breast. The moment was short lived however as the insistent knocking of the door penetrated their lust filled fog. Oz let ousounsound between a frustrated grunt and an aggravate growl just before heaving himself off of his very naked and flushed girlfriend before stalking over to the bed to grab the sweats he discarded earlier to answer the door. All the while leaving a very flushed and frustrated Slayer in his wake, uncaring of who was on the other side he wrenched the door open his expression anything but pleased.

“Hey, hum… rehearsal is going to be starting again soon and—“Jeremy started

“Do I look like I’m going to coming back to rehearsal anytime soon?” Oz asked standing there casually leaning up against the door in nothing but a pair of loose sweat pants which did nothing to conceal his raging hard on. Jeremy finally glanced down and his eyes immediately jumped back to Oz’s face but not before spying what looked like a very naked Buffy stretched out on the chaise lounger near the windows. Though before he could get a good look a very irate looking Oz blocked his view and with a smirk the door was closed in his face.

Jeremy shook his head at his friends’ actions knowing that if Buffy was his girl he’d have done the same. Shrugging it off he trotted back downstairs to let the guys know that Oz and Buffy would be busy probably until they had tave ave that night. Predictably Devon bitched about the lead guitarist not being there and Jake just smiled and shook his head before they headed back down into the basement.

+ + + + +

//I don’t think you notice
When you see my face
I guess you’re waiting
To spin me around again

Wheels I guess are turning
Somewhere inside my head
I know that this is
Deeper than you get

But you’re coming back again
You don’t mean to waste my time
But you’re coming back so

The little blonde watched from one of the darkened corners of the club as Devon began to sing one of the ‘Dingoes’ newer songs. Her eyes scanned the club just taking in her surroundings. This evening they were still in Sunnydale and just like any other Saturday night ‘The Bronze’ was packed. When her eyes found the stage again she found that Oz was staring at her. She smiled and he gave a quick nod of his head in acknowledgement with a small smile of his own.

//Don’t tell me
How to be
‘Cause I like some suffering
Don’t ask me
What I need
I’m just fine
Here finding me

Giving one last lingering glance toward the stage; Buffy vacated her seat on the floor and slowly made her way over to the stairs and up to the cat walk just to get away from the main crowd. Normally she would’ve been backstage but ‘The Bronze’ was small as it was and there wasn’t much of a backstage to begin with. She soon found a free spot and leaned up against the railing. So into the music she never noticed Oz’s eyes following nor did she see them widen when he saw Willow standing behind her an expression of pure hatred marring her features.

Back down on stage Oz’s eyes had followed his girl’s movements since he left her to perform the first set of the night. He knew there was a good chance Willow might show up and he didn’t want to leave Buffy alone with her for too long. That wouldn’t do anyone any good… especially Willow. Though no one else would notice the slight change his eyes they did widen when he saw Willow slowly coming up behind Buffy. In the dark club no one else would’ve been able to see it but he could and the red head’s eyes burned with a jealous fire. It was then he knew that Willow could actually be a danger and the realization broke a piece of him.

Even though his feelings for the newbie witch had long faded, he still considered her a friend and to think of one of your friends as a threat was just something that hurt. But if what he saw there was really the way Willow felt then she wasn’t really a friend to either of them. He tried to comfort himself with the fact that he just had to get through this song and their first set would be over with. They’d then have an hour break before they had to go on again.

As he played the last chords of the song and Devon’s voice faded out and the crowd’s applause filled the air he set his guitar down on a stand and jumped easily down from the stage into the pit before steadily making his way to the stairs. Though he was intercepted by a few more than friendly females along the way he quickly moved past them and took the stairs two at a time. As soon as he reached the top he was more than alarmed to see his ex girlfriend and his current locked in a heated argument and it looked as though it was quickly escalating.

Quickly pushing his way through the small crowd that lined the catwalk he made his way over to the two women just as the tiny red head raised her fist ready to take a swing. Buffy merely smiled at this action waiting for the blow but it never came and when she looked up, her eyes locked with those of her lover. She took a step back as Oz pulled Willow and turned her around roughly to face him.

“What the hell are you doing Willow?” he asked harshly

“What so now I’m not allowed to come to ‘The Bronze’ if I want, just because you and your girlfriend frequent here doesn’t mean that it’s off limits you know” she spat angrily

didndidn’t ask what you were doing here. I asked what you were doing” he said softly the though the steel that laced his voice was clear

She ripped herself away from him in disgust. Her eyes jumped back and forth between the man that used to be her boyfriend and the woman who used to be her best friend. The little witch began to slowly back away from them all the while shaking her head slowly her teeth clenched as her breath came in heavy pants.

“Willow I’m asking you not to run, I just wanted to know what was going on. Please can’t we talk without it turning it to one huge fight?” he asked

His words seemed to give the newbie witch pause but only for a moment before the anger and betrayal that she’d been feeling for the past few months was apparent on her face once more. The witch’s eyes which were usually were warm and inviting were cold and unfeeling causing both wolf and Slayer to shiver from the intensity of the stare.

“Fine, you want to talk… talk” she said flatly

The guitarist took a breath preparing to have it out with his ex-girlfriend while his current was not two feet away when he realized they were beginning to attract an audience. Thinking quickly he silently ushered both woman back down the stairs and towards the back of the club. He knew the guys would be soaking up all the female attention they could get with the exception of Jake and even then he’d still flirt so he wasn’t surprised when the small back room was empty. He quickly stepped forward and cleared the cluttered couch and chair in the room and then turned back toward the door and let it close with a soft click.

Sighing heavily he leaned his against the cool metal of the door before letting out a breath and turning toward the two woman in the room with him. Buffy was seated on the couch one leg crossed over the other with her arms crossed over her chest. Though the posture was relaxed she looked every bit the predatory she was, ready to attack at any moment. While Willow sat in the chair openly fuming at the situation. He didn’t see how this situation could get any worse... until Willow spoke.

“I’d rather see you both dead than together”

End of Chapter Two

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