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Welcome to shiftybenches. This community is dedicated to the popular Buffy ship, Buffy/Oz - or, if you want to get technical, Buffy Summers/Daniel Osbourne.

The ship might be not wholly cannon or sane, but it's still pretty darned cute, in general opinion.

Feel free to post fic/theories/et cetera related to the Buffy/Oz ship or the characters of Buffy and Oz. Or you could just join to chat with the other fen.

The only rules are to be nice, label material that has generally offensive content (in exampe: sex, over-use of drugs, violence) CLEARLY. If you don't, stuff will be thrown at you. Hard stuff. Like chairs. Also, be nice, or be subjected to a similar chair-y fate. But most of all, just have fun. We're all fans here, right? Right.

affiliations: save_angel, _antithetical_, dresdenfans.